A Description Of What It Can Be Like Having Irlen Syndrome

Article in Cape Cod Times by
Cynthia McCormick, July 2008
Irlen Legislation
MA state seal
House Bill 508: To identify pupils wth light based reading difficulties

Irlen Syndrome (IS) is a perceptual problem that prevents an estimated 10-12% of the population from being able to learn, read or study efficiently. Until now, it has baffled educators and the scientific community because it remains undetected by standard educational, visual and medical tests. Individuals with IS perceive the printed page and sometimes their environment differently. They must constantly make adaptations or compensate. Individuals may be unaware of the extra energy and effort they are putting into reading and perceiving. Symptoms include light sensitivity, inefficient reading, slow reading rate, attention deficit, strain or fatigue, or poor depth perception.

The patented Irlen Intervention Method uses precision tinted filters, worn as glasses (or colored overlays placed over reading material) to reduce or eliminate perception difficulties and light sensitivity. An intensive diagnostic assessment determines the web filter color. Since 1983, the Irlen Method has gained increasing support as a result of worldwide research and testing. Results include improved reading accuracy, better comprehension, increased reading speed, reduced strain and fatigue, improved academic performance, improved self-esteem, better sports performance and more effective study time.

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An explanation of Irlen Syndrome by Helen Irlen

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