I have suggested other Irlen sites, but now there is a most wonderful video by an adolescent.

My highest praise goes to the following site presenting a video by David Accola. Go to http://www.readingandlight.com/. It is a teen’s summary:  What Irlen is and where to find help.


  1. MissAmy says:

    David Accola’s youtube video is wonderful for simply explaining to kids what Irlen syndrom is, it’s symptoms & treatment. I used it yesterday in my son’s 3rd grade clasroom to explain to the kids why my son was now using an overlay, colored paper, hat, etc in class. They were so interested! David did an excellent job producing his video. It was so successful w/ the 3rd grade that it was suggested that I do the same w/ the 6th grade class. This group was more familiar w/ Irlen as my older son was diagnosed over a year ago & has since used the common Irlen accomodations w/ great success. They were equally interested & asked great questions of me afterward. I highly recommend David’s video!

  2. I was glad to hear that David’s wonderful video was so helpful. I’m sorry that it took me so long to find your message. I too find his production to be incredible. I have troubling chronic leg pain that limits my ability to come down to my den and do what I want. It is aggravated by sitting unfortunately. Aside from that I still work as a pharmacist 79 miles from home 3 days a week. I am 68 now. Did you find David’s video via my site?

  3. How funny for me to read this comment & think it sounded so much like my own story….it is MY story!! So much has happened for my family since I posted this. I believe I first saw David’s video from a link from the Irlen website, not sure. I have since become an Irlen screener myself & am helping children in our small school district. I am rewarded everyday by each child I am able to reach & help, by the wide smile on their amazed face when they leave my screening room, by the tears in their mother’s eyes… there have been many in only about a month’s time that I have been a screener. I send parents to http://www.readingandlight.com all the time because I love the simple way that David Accola explains everything to those that are new to this.

    An update on my own children: my then 3rd grader is now a 4th grader that reads 3 grades higher than he did last May! That means he now reads above his grade level. 🙂 He uses a goldenrod overlay & paper, wears a hat in classes. He’s done remarkably well & adapted quickly. He’s been a great example for his classmates that we’ve found also have Irlen Syndrome.

    My then 6th grader is now in 7th. Jr. High has been a rough transition but he is now settling in. Enlarged text books have helped him immensely to return to independance with homework. We are still working on perfecting the tints in his lenses & he still uses a goldenrod overlay, paper & a hat in class. His reading has also improved a great deal & he reads close to his grade level but still with some difficulty. He suffers much more greatly than his brother & also has environmental distortions he deals with. He is a real worker & his never-give-up attitude is inspiring. I feel like we are almost there for him too. We persistently keep working at this with him.

    My struggle to find my boys the right tools for class has inspired me to begin producing colored notebooks & graph paper for the children I screen. I am working to get them into large enough production for sale to others. I can’t keep up with the demand in my kitchen on my home computer anymore!

    I consider all of this a small revolution in education in a small Iowa town. I am so excited to see where all of these kids will be at the end of the school year. We are seeing improvement already. I know this is just the beginning! Thanks for this most informative website. I will add it to my “recommended” list for parents.

  4. i think video was inspired other people with irlen syndrome but there need more awareness on irlen syndrome in school college and orgaintions

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