Irlen filters helped 19-year old diagnosed with agoraphobia & high anxiety

Interesting case study of a 19 year old diagnosed with Agoraphobia and high

Joseph is 19 years of age. Joseph’s sister was tested and placed in Irlen
Spectral Filters a few years ago. He saw that his sister went from feeling
so sick
that she couldn’t participate or enjoy life to being active, happy, and
experiencing life. He finally asked to come to the Irlen Institute. He
went to school up until the 5th grade. In 5th grade, Joseph would just get
and leave school. It was impossible to get him to stay in school. When he
was in school, he would have headaches, feel very anxious, and become
He would get so mad and out of control that he would throw things around in
the classroom. He couldn’t control his outbursts. As he got older, Joseph
controlled his anxiety by retreating to his room which is like a cave and
totally dark. He had friends, but they would have to come over to his house
and his room. He would not leave his room. He would not go to school. If
made to go to school, he would run away and leave the school grounds.
Finally in 5th grade, his parents decided to homeschool him and he has never
returned to school. His reading skills are probably at 6th grade level. He
tries to read but reports that he doesn’t remember what he reads, cannot
concentrate, and loses interest. He avoids reading because if he reads too
long, he gets a headache and feels anxious. If he leaves his room, he feels
anxious, nervous, and gets a horrible headache.

His parents have gone to great lengths to help him. They have taken him to
a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and he was seen by the social workers from
school. He was prescribed a lot of medication including Paxil and Lithium
which made him sleepy and gain weight. Joseph didn’t like how he felt on
medication, and he stopped taking medication without telling his parents.
had biofeedback for a year. Nothing made a difference.

Presently, he is homebound and refuses to leave the house. He stays in his
room which is like a cave. Outside of his room, he feels anxious, nervous,
gets a headache, and worries that something bad is going to happen. He was
just diagnosed as having Agoraphobia with high anxiety.

Joseph was seen after he had been wearing his Irlen Spectral Filters for a
few months. The change has been dramatic. He is no longer homebound.
He is able to do things that he wouldn’t do before: goes outside and
goes places with his friends, goes on trips, etc. He can be spontaneous and
not have to plan for days ahead just to leave the house. He is more social.
He is no longer anxious, nervous, or getting headaches. He can easily
transition from his room to other settings. He is no longer sleeping all
the time. There has been a dramatic change in his attitude. He is
sociable, talkative, and easily converses with people. He is cooperative
and friendly.


  1. This is encouraging. I’m due to get my tints soon (they’ve been sent to the lab for tinting this week) and am hopeful that not only will I be able to manage my job better, marking students’ work under flourescents, and perhaps reading books for pleasure…that I might also improve my horrible phobias. I’m so terrified of heights that I’m now unable to drive on the motorway because of the bridges. I’m praying it’s due to the depth perception thing.

    Meanwhile, my son has had his lenses for two years and what a difference!

  2. Hi Ange! I am sorry it took me so long to find your message. How has it been since receiving your lenses? I had a big depth issue as well!


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