Testimony from a mother about her family’s success with Irlen Filters

To: Helen Irlen
Subject: Good News!


I hope I have the correct address here to share this great news with you!
This is Jane Purdy, my son David was prescribed turquiose filters last
December.  I shared our joy at this discovery of your institute with an
email digest group called MOMYS (acronym for Mothers Of Many Young
Siblings).  This group has 2,000+ members, all moms with at least 4 children
who love the Lord and have a burden for the best for their families.  I
received a letter yesterday from one of the mothers, I’m going to include it
below.  I wrote to ask if I could share it with you, and she included
further testimony, which I’m also pasting here.  I’m so thrilled to hear of
this!  Here are the letters:

Hi, Jane Purdy!  I’m waving at you from sunny central Florida and writing to
say a giant THANK YOU for introducing us to the Irlen Institute.  When you
first wrote about your son’s reading difficulties and vision testing a year
or so ago, I made a mental note of it as a possibility for our daughter.
Then when you posted back in January of your son’s amazing progress to
‘shout from the rooftops’, I went to the Irlen site that very day to inquire
about how to get our daughter tested.

Since then, two of our children have been tested, and the diagnostician
advised that both my husband and I attend because the vision disorder is
genetic.  She wanted us to have the opportunity to see what our daughter
might be struggling with.  Of course, I was certain that, if our sweeties
had the disorder, it would come through my husband’s line, but this turned
out not to be the case!  Both children and this mama tested positive for the
disorder, and Dad passed everything with flying colors.  The tester told me
to test our other children myself based on what I saw her do. She (and I)
suspect that others are affected as well.

To fill in those who might not know about Helen Irlen’s findings, she
discovered that some people are unable to filter certain wavelengths on the
light spectrum, and as the eyes try to make sense of these ‘insensible’
inputs, the eyes suffer fatigue and behave dysfunctionally.  The resulting
symptoms are widely varied from headaches, to significant reading
difficulties, to overall tiredness, to lack of depth perception, to
magnification of other disorders such as ADD and auditory processing
problems, and on and on.  You can read more and find a preliminary checklist
at www.irlen.com


The remedy for this disorder is so simple that it’s hard to believe.
Basically, the offending wavelengths are filtered out with an appropriate
color (different for each person), either in the form of a colored
transparency for reading, colored paper for writing, or colored lenses in
glasses for a ‘whole world’ correction.  Just in the two weeks since we’ve
been tested, both my son (who has compensated well and is an excellent
reader but an incredibly slow writer) and my daughter have made strides in
their schoolwork.  Both write much more quickly and neatly on their
appropriately colored papers, and my daughter reads much better with her
colored overlays.

Through a generous gift by my father, my daughter and I recently went
through the more detailed testing for glasses.  My daughter raves about how
much more comfortable her eyes are with the lenses on.  I can’t see through
her eyes to know the level of changes for her, but I want to shout from my
own rooftop about the changes I experienced.  WHOOHOO!!!  I have never had
much depth perception and just figured that was me, and it was no big deal.
I have learned to compensate using weird techniques (only weird to others,
not to me since it’s all I’ve ever known) and have gotten along just fine,
aside from being horrible at catching a ball.  It was tricky to find the
right combination of lenses, but once we had them, a whole new world opened
up to me!  Not only did pages become easier to read because I no longer lost
my place on the flickering page(something that I never had any idea was
happening), but I got to see the the depth God’s creation (and
of man’s) for the first time!  I almost broke down in tears when the tester
took me outdoors and told me to look at the clouds.  How glorious they
are–all fluffy and not too bright to study!  Now I KNEW that clouds were
fluffy before…we learned that in school and I could sort of make out the
fluffs from the gray outlines.  But I had never actually *seen* such fluff!
Truly amazing.

I’m sharing this testimony in thanks to Jane and also in hopes that the
right MOMYS would see it.  May God direct your paths.  Again, I got into
this for my daughter (who was reading at least three years behind grade
level), but I cannot believe the changes in my own life from this relatively
simple treatment.  I never suspected that I had any reading or vision
difficulties, except for needing corrective lenses to see clearly (normal
glasses).  Like Jane’s son, I just thought everyone saw the world like I

BTW, as a result of the overlays and/or lenses, my daughter is able to read
THREE grades levels higher than she was before…instantly.  Wow!

We are fairly new to this whole thing, but please feel free to write if you
have any questions.  I’ll do my best to help.

Praising God for His gorgeous clouds,
Debbie in FL
mom of 8

And her reply to my thank you & request:

Good to hear from you!  Wish I could give you a big hug for the help you’ve
been to us!  Sure, share the note I wrote with anyone you like.

Our tester stressed that we should spread news of this disorder through the
family.  I just talked to my brother tonight about this.  He had significant
reading difficulties throughout school, though was helped somewhat by
training he received in middle school.  This was basically geared at
teaching him coping techniques, such as telling him that he must read the
test directions three full times before beginning.  As we were talking, I
described what I see on the white page when I read, and he finished my
sentence!  He said that the letters shimmer, which I think is better than
the word I used, flickering.  It floors me to think that we both see the
same things and always thought it was normal!  I feel blessed that I learned
to compensate to the point that this didn’t really affect the progress of my
education, but I feel bad for him that it affected him more.  I’m very
hopeful that he can get help as well and so grateful that his children can
have the privilege of testing and correction, if necessary, before it
affects their learning.  Really exciting!

Thank you again!



  1. momof2gr8sons says:

    We have just been tested for SSS and are told to use the turquoise overlay. We have not yet gotten lens. Some questions I have are, Did your son do any other educational programs. This facility said he would benefit in coming 4 days a week for 1 hr. and is quite expensive. Did you see results with just the overlay?

    Thanks for any additional comments

  2. No. The impact of the prescribed tint on lenses or contacts was wonderful. That is THE first step. Then we can see where we stand. I strongly feel that resolving the Irlen issue enables us to have the perspective to help us figure out what may remain as health or learning issues. That is what I have experienced; though it takes time.

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