Irlen success with a 4th grader thought to have ADD

Letter to a boy’s diagnostician from his mother:

Susan, I have sooo much to share, I have to share with you what a great
success your Diagnosis and subsequest Irlen lenses have made in Sean’s life.

Sean is in the 4th grade, and every teacher in his young life has had
concerns regarding his skills with regards to reading, handwriting,
and focus in class. Sean is a polite, hardworking child and has always been
able to pull “B’s and C’s” in school. Although he would be moody and
frustrated much of the time, it was a real stuggle. His fourth grade
teacher also mentioned concerns with all the above and suggested we consider
testing and meds for ADD.

I agreed to the testng, wanting at the very least a definitive root cause.
During the same week I spoke to a much respected friend who is a more
experienced mother, and I discussed my concerns with my 9 year old son.

We discussed my primary issues with my son which were his attention and his
stilted reading ability… he would read as if each word had a comma after
it or as if he were reading a list. My friend shared with me that one of
her children really struggled with attention issues and with reading also
AFTER FOUR years she was finally diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic

Meanwhile, the ADD school test showed my son NORMAL, so I immediately
scheduled with you. You recommended Irlen Filters with specific colors and
now just 3 short weeks later…. his Teacher, almost reluctantly, informed
the School Psy. that Sean is MUCH improved in his attention, focus,
handwriting is on the line instead of floating between the upper and lower
lines, his math scores and spelling scores are both Topnotch!! His self-
esteem is much improved, the Kid couldn’t see!! and with my own limited
vision I believe he was facing his own internal fears..

Thank you so much, you have changed our lives, you alone have changed my
son’s life for the better; a humble mother thanks you so very much.

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