Mom is happy that her daughters stomach upset after school ended after receiving her Irlen tinted lenses

Date: Sun, December 12, 2010 12:55 pm

Hi Directors,
I know that we all have a huge stash of client testimonials which give us
warm fuzzies. However, this one just came to me and it has an interesting
background but more important to me is the positive news about the school’s
interest, which sorry to say is not too common in Canada. Perhaps this
message will be of use to those seeking school support.

Background: From Saskatchewan, I used to travel to Kelowna British Columbia
to do screening and tinting. In Bonnie Williams’ school (the first Canadian
school to screen all students and help provide overlays and glasses), Laura
Kerpel was a teacher. After several trips, we were able to persuade Laura to
be tested and get Irlen glasses. Later, I trained Laura as a Screener and
she moved to Ontario where we spend our vacations.

This is a letter from the mother of a child Laura screened and I tinted. The
mother has given me permission to share this with you.

Just wanted to let you both know that Jenna is doing SO well this year! I
really, really appreciate the help you’ve given Jenna. Her grades have
really improved, her speed for completing tasks has drastically improved,
but most importantly, she never complains about going to school anymore.
This used to be a daily event. She says that she’s so relaxed reading with
her Irlen glasses that even at school she feels like she could fall asleep!
She’s also never come home with an upset stomach this year so far.

Thanks again! I am just SO incredibly relieved. I have been quite
literally sick over it in the past myself, not knowing what to do for her.
She forgot her Irlen glasses at the dance studio once and cried all night
until the next day when we went back and they were there. 😉

The lady who suggested we try Irlen is a friend whose kids have the Irlen
glasses as well. They just moved here from Saskatchewan. But what’s really
great is that Jenna’s school has just recommended the idea to another
family. It’s
great to see that it’s now being taken so seriously by her school. Hopefully
then other children won’t have to struggle as long as she did.

Thanks SO much!


  1. So great hear about other people stories about them having Irlen syndrome now Because I try to raise awareness of it from when I first got diagnosis with it

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