Please read this typical success story of a young man who received his Irlen spectral filters

“Kevin, age 16, is in regular class public school, a struggling C-D student. He reports that text in columns moves, one marching up the page and the next one marching downward like ants in columns. Also, lines mesh together and, when writing, lines are crooked. Words are blurry, he daydreams, and is easily distracted.”

His father writes after Kevin received his Irlen Spectral Filters: “Kevin’s first day at school with his lenses was nothing short of phenomenal. He said he followed everything his teacher said while using the whiteboard, his math class and problems were easy – that’s a first. He said he could actually follow the algebra problem without losing it. Kevin actually enjoys reading now – he read for almost two hours yesterday – yet another first. It also appears he is in a better mood. I told him this morning that this is going to change his life. His attitude toward school is better, resulting in more learning, resulting in better grades, resulting in a more empowered future. I can’t express enough how lucky I feel that my family and I have discovered Irlen. This is one of the most significant moments in my life.” Jim Adams

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