Irlen screener & mom is excited by her “magic glasses”

The Verdict is in. Irlen Rocks.

I have been doing Irlen Screenings for 2-3 years now, and seeing amazing results with my students and myself while using carefully selected colored overlays. Urging several of them on to visit with an Irlen Diagnostician in order to be fitted for Irlen Spectral Filters (what we generically call Irlen lenses or colored glasses), It took me this long to get them myself. Why? Well, it’s an investment. I have been through a move, a pregnancy, mothering an infant, and a minor surgery. Hormonal changes? Yea, that’s an understatement. So, I have given my body some time to settle down so that we could ensure that we chose the right color. Now, I am excited to tell you about my new (to borrow a phrase from the Luthy family – Magic Glasses.

Why did I want to try these things? Here is the short list of my symptoms: pages blur as I read, words line up and form “rivers” moving down the page, I see colors on blank walls, in the air, and kind of an “aura” around almost everything that I look at, I have a hard time focusing on anything that I am doing or looking at, I am all but blinded while driving at night, especially in the rain. Everything moves or sparkles (fun? yea, for a little while or if I’m bored with a speaker). Most importantly, I end most of my days in utter and complete fatigue and frustration. I wake up at 5:00 am (6:00 at the latest) every morning and literally crash by 8:00 pm. Yea, for those of you counting, that’s 9-10 hours of sleep every night. And for those of you with children, you know as well as I do that’s enough “awake” time for a working mother of three to get ‘er done. I snap at my kids. I give up on tasks I can’t seem to complete. My husband comes home from 10-12 hour work days and helps me catch up on simple chores. I have migraines. Frequent nagging headaches, and pretty regular excruciating, put me to bed ones. Again, the mother’s understand that sometimes you can’t just go to bed because you have to keep moving. That’s the short list.

So, on Thursday, they came. The glasses. Finally. A very short wait of about 12 days. Felt like an eternity. So here are the things that I have done and some of the reactions I have received since then that probably seem like no big deal to some of you, but are pretty major to me:

I went to Wal-mart. Twice. Without melting down. Normally, it takes me 30 minutes to find the 2-3 things I came for in that place. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes (not counting the excruciatingly long time it took to check out on one of those visits).

I went to Target, with my toddler. Easy. My preferred store, anyway, but usually get a little buggy if I take one of the kids.

I did a full week’s grocery shopping, with my toddler, and only forgot one thing. Again, without melting down.

I went to Ci Ci’s Pizza with eight people. On Friday night. Normally, the mere thought of that place on a normal day is enough to make me want to go hide under a rock. Well, I had a nice relaxing meal and even had the balloon guy visit our table. And I didn’t feel like pinballs were bouncing around all over the inside of my head and the rest of my body.

I went to Opry Mills mall (very recently re-opened) on Easter Weekend to take, again, my toddler to see the Easter Bunny at Bass-pro. We had a great time with the bunny, and even wandered the mall for an hour or so and had lunch in the food court. I didn’t pull my hair out or go crazy trying to keep her contained/close enough that I would lose her in what normally feels like complete chaos.

I’m staring at this computer screen and typing this story for you without having to take breaks and without losing my place.

I read an entire article in the newspaper this morning and can actually remember what I read. I can stay up and read a book as long as I want to.

I’ve only taken headache medicine once since Thursday – that’s progress – we’ll report more on that later, too soon for that. Those of you with migraines, you know what I mean. But, progress is progress.

Night driving – better – it’s not painful. Haven’t had enough of that yet to give a full report – extra daylight this time of year.

And the two most life altering changes, the ones I most hoped for:

I don’t think I’ve snapped at my children once since Thursday (I’m sure they would argue that point). My twelve year old, in fact, ENSURES that I always have my glasses on and if he gets a cute little smart mouth (always joking, of course), all I have to is threaten to remove my glasses and he is right back in line. That’s a fun one. “Don’t speak to me without your glasses on” is his new favorite phrase.

I can stay up and actually have a conversation with my husband after the children are in bed. The fatigue is gone – yes, I’m still exhausted (did you catch the working mother of three part??), but it’s different. It’s the kind of tired you are supposed to feel, not the I just kept moving until you got here so I could fall down kind of tired.


  1. Where can I buy the different colored sheets?

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