A self test for migraine sufferers to see whether Irlen Syndrome may be involved

Go to self-test #2 (Please scroll down!) at www.readingandlight.com contributed by David Accola. David’s website has concise information and includes excellent video testimonials. If you are dealing with migraines be sure to see the video about the success of  9-year old girl named Kelsey who used to have a migraine every day, and now she does not.

I have suggested other Irlen sites, but now there is a most wonderful video by an adolescent.

My highest praise goes to the following site presenting a video by David Accola. Go to http://www.readingandlight.com/. It is a teen’s summary:  What Irlen is and where to find help.

California, Canada and Australia are trying to outlaw incandescent lightbulbs;this has troublesome implications for at least 10-14% of the population

Go to www.irlen.com to understand why we must fight this policy to avoid the deleterious effects that would be incurred by the Irlen population. Please add your name to the petition against this intrusive regulation! This issue is likely to become important to all of us if they get it approved!

Also see Donna Williams, autistic author’s, comments on this issue.

Telling Time and Irlen Syndrome: Click on Title

blackfacedwallclock.jpgI am disappointed when I hear adults complain about kids who cannot tell time on a clock. It is my contention that these children may have Irlen Syndrome which makes the white background surround the black numbers. This could be solved simply by purchasing new clocks with white characters on a black background. In fact I still have a strong preference for this and have bought a new Swiss wristwatch with white characters on a black face. I love it.



Relevant things I remember from before I was diagnosed

pitchingbaseball.jpgbaseball.jpegI had great difficulty catching a ball or shooting a basketball. I remember the day Russell Uhl pitched a baseball to me when I was a boy and it struck me between the eyes and knocked me to the ground.It is possible that this caused an inability for me to visualize anything. This is true when I close my eyes. I cannot visualize anything whatsoever. Unfortunately the same is quite true when my eyes are open. I struggle to picture a suggested route when told how to drive somewhere. The odd thing is that I do sometimes dream in images. Many people ask me about that. I asked Dr. Daniel Amen if the baseball might have been responsible for this problem. He said “YES!”The brain would have been injured as it was pushed to the back of the skull.

I could not read music in band, and was concerned that I would be found out if I had to play a solo with my trombone. I could read aloud in Margaret Hiser’s 6th grade geography but when asked a question about what I had just read I could not answer the question. Whenever I tried to read a book in high school I could only make it through a few pages per session before I would start falling asleep, and the next day when I picked up where I marked the page I could not remember what I had already read. I would say that my eyes would dart around the page and I could not stay focused on the line I was reading. (Others say the words move.) At eye exams the white background would try to surround the letters with a “halo-effect” on the wall.

I saved for an Argus C-3 35mm camera after the 8th grade. I learned that if I shot a picture using a high f-stop number I could create a depth of field effect. I felt guilty altering the image so that both the foreground and the background were in focus. I had no idea that people normally could see this way.

I saw the story focusing on Irlen Syndrome people on 60 Minutes as an adult and did not remember how to contact the Irlen Institute. It would take ten years for me to bump into Irlen Syndrome again.

Please comment if you can relate to any of these things in your experience!