Mom Describes Amazing Vision Improvement With Irlen Correction

Mom Describes Amazing Vision Improvement with Irlen

Posted on June 14th, 2011 by KathyJohnson



Hi Kathy,
Just wanted to give you a little update about A.  We went yesterday to Ottawa and met with Adele Francis.  She’s the Irlen diagnostician you found for us.  Oh my gosh….I couldn’t believe it.  When she finally found the right combination of tints, it was like someone had flipped a switch.  He at one point turned to me and said “mom, did you hear how fast I was reading?”.  I will admit, tears welled up in my eyes.  She said she hadn’t seen a child show such a significant difference before and after trying tints like A.  My husband and I are finding the weight on our hearts getting lighter and it is so inspiring to have hope for him.  I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for us and for A. His teachers at school have been wonderful and are working hard to meet the new accommodations he needs.   Thanks again!!


Struggling To Read: The Irlen Method May Be The Answer

This is a testimonial posted by a teacher on the Internet

Struggling To Read: The Irlen Method May Be The Solution

I consider myself the luckiest person in the world. I love my job. Teaching since 1963, I thought I “knew at all.” However, two years ago, because of one little girl who was NOT learning, I discovered the missing piece of the puzzle, the Irlen Method. What a blessing!

This problem can manifest itself with different symptoms in different students; and many students are being misdiagnosed with dyslexia, AD/HD, or reading problems. Problems appear when reading black numbers or words on white paper. At first I thought that this only affected children who couldn’t learn to read, but now I know that it can also prevent students from using their reading skills to learn. The problem is called Irlen Syndrome, is inherited, and causes letter, words, numbers, and even musical notes to be difficult to see because they may become fuzzy, unstable, move, or disappear. Problems may not happen when the student first starts to read; but the longer the student reads, the more difficult it becomes…slower, more errors, choppy, missing words, or problems tracking. Some students experience headaches, eye strain, and stomachaches but think it is normal and don’t tell you. When you notice that your child is struggling, ask what the page looks like and if their eyes, head, or stomach bother them. I found out that even young children can tell you what is happening if you ask them.

This is not a visual problem and cannot be corrected with normal eye glasses. The brain is having a problem correctly processing what is seen. This type of processing problem can affect not just reading and math, but all academic areas and even depth perception and sports performance. The only way to correct the problem is with the Irlen Method which uses colored overlays and Irlen Spectral Filters customized for each individual’s unique brain. To find an Irlen Tester near you and for more information, visit or see Reading by the Colors and The Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life by Helen Irlen. You may be surprised at what you find out.


Finally, success after resolving Irlen Syndrome for this schoolgirl

My daughter Chris, did great in school, but when she read aloud, she did so in a halting, slow way. She skipped words and lines and mixed words up. I mentioned it to every teacher she had from 1st to 6th grade. They each referred to her excellent test scores & grades & one teacher had me compare silent reading rates w/ aloud reading rates; they were similar. No one saw a problem. Still, I just KNEW something was amiss, but what?
In 6th grade, Chris had to read a book with tiny print. She became nauseous while reading (she has always had slight motion sickness). She had headaches while reading almost daily. Our family read to her at home in the evenings to keep her caught up with the school book clubs, outside reading and regular homework.

I asked her aunt, a special ed. teacher, if she’d heard of nausea when reading & scotopic syndrome entered our lives. We went on the Irlen website the next day & Chris said YES to almost every self test question. I couldn’t believe what she was saying she experienced! I was upset but relieved. Then my husband entered the room and saw what we were doing and said, “that happens to me too”! (…frustration… for all of us!)

We went to Ms. David, the diagnostician in our area, and as Chris tried to read without any overlays, she leaned forward, scrunched her face & eyes and tried her best. The words jump, move, she sees white rivers and the words also disappear. When the overlays were used, her whole body sat back and relaxed. Ms. David pointed that out to me. I also couldn’t believe what my daughter had to endure, still succeeding all 7 years of school! Both her and my tears just started flowing – I felt awful to have let this go on for so long, but thankfully, we finally had an answer.
Chris adapted to her lenses right away & has used them for 2 years. She advocates for herself in school. High school is next & we are a bit nervous, but so far all of her teachers are very accomodating, even getting her some audio books to help with reading large amounts per night.
I emailed every teacher she had in the past about Irlen & the effects on Chris. Teachers & districts need to be aware of Irlen & test for it early on so children don’t suffer needlessly for years when it can be so easily remedied.
Chris has read, for enjoyment, 600 page books and a long 4-book series. We couldn’t be prouder or happier we discovered the answers to help her out!

Using functional brain imaging for an improved understanding of Irlen Syndrome

Irlen success with a 4th grader thought to have ADD

Letter to a boy’s diagnostician from his mother:

Susan, I have sooo much to share, I have to share with you what a great
success your Diagnosis and subsequest Irlen lenses have made in Sean’s life.

Sean is in the 4th grade, and every teacher in his young life has had
concerns regarding his skills with regards to reading, handwriting,
and focus in class. Sean is a polite, hardworking child and has always been
able to pull “B’s and C’s” in school. Although he would be moody and
frustrated much of the time, it was a real stuggle. His fourth grade
teacher also mentioned concerns with all the above and suggested we consider
testing and meds for ADD.

I agreed to the testng, wanting at the very least a definitive root cause.
During the same week I spoke to a much respected friend who is a more
experienced mother, and I discussed my concerns with my 9 year old son.

We discussed my primary issues with my son which were his attention and his
stilted reading ability… he would read as if each word had a comma after
it or as if he were reading a list. My friend shared with me that one of
her children really struggled with attention issues and with reading also
AFTER FOUR years she was finally diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic

Meanwhile, the ADD school test showed my son NORMAL, so I immediately
scheduled with you. You recommended Irlen Filters with specific colors and
now just 3 short weeks later…. his Teacher, almost reluctantly, informed
the School Psy. that Sean is MUCH improved in his attention, focus,
handwriting is on the line instead of floating between the upper and lower
lines, his math scores and spelling scores are both Topnotch!! His self-
esteem is much improved, the Kid couldn’t see!! and with my own limited
vision I believe he was facing his own internal fears..

Thank you so much, you have changed our lives, you alone have changed my
son’s life for the better; a humble mother thanks you so very much.

Why tinted lenses from optometrists cannot equal Irlen Spectral Filters

Clients sometimes go to optometrists to get a tint which they think is
helpful; but, as this email expresses so well, Irlen Spectral Filters are so
better. I really like this letter and will use it when explaining why it is
worthwhile to get Irlen Filters over other methods and self-tinting.

My Trip to Dr. Carol Kessler to get my Irlen Filters

A few weeks after my presentation, I went to see Dr. Carol Kessler in
Kingston, New York, to get my first real pair of Irlen Filters. I’ve been
wearing a pair of violet glasses my mom had made for me at an optical store
three years ago. We were living in the United Arab Emirates at the time.
She had found about Irlen Syndrome and had me choose the best color
from MS Word. They made everything a lot better, but I knew now that with
the perfect color combination I should be able to see a whole lot better and
so many of my other Irlen Syndrome-related problems should get better. Dr.
Kessler was really nice and carefully went through all the color
combinations and densities that worked best for me. I got purple, blue and
rose filters. I was amazed at how much better I could see! My original
pair of colored glasses were only purple (violet). She had me look at the
window, and I was startled. Everything was practically jumping out at me in
a 3-D I had never even imagined existed. My whole world stopped swirling
and jumping and fogging. I no longer saw spots or flashes. Reading is now
enjoyable, math is so much easier, I don’t get lost so easily, I’m able to
learn to drive, I can
suddenly see musical notes so I’m going to start to learn to read music, I
can see balls moving now instead of the usual fuzz – so I can play baseball,
soccer and basketball better, I can follow group conversations, my
headaches are gone. It’s a wonderful world! Thank you Helen Irlen and Dr..

Testimony from a mother about her family’s success with Irlen Filters

To: Helen Irlen
Subject: Good News!


I hope I have the correct address here to share this great news with you!
This is Jane Purdy, my son David was prescribed turquiose filters last
December.  I shared our joy at this discovery of your institute with an
email digest group called MOMYS (acronym for Mothers Of Many Young
Siblings).  This group has 2,000+ members, all moms with at least 4 children
who love the Lord and have a burden for the best for their families.  I
received a letter yesterday from one of the mothers, I’m going to include it
below.  I wrote to ask if I could share it with you, and she included
further testimony, which I’m also pasting here.  I’m so thrilled to hear of
this!  Here are the letters:

Hi, Jane Purdy!  I’m waving at you from sunny central Florida and writing to
say a giant THANK YOU for introducing us to the Irlen Institute.  When you
first wrote about your son’s reading difficulties and vision testing a year
or so ago, I made a mental note of it as a possibility for our daughter.
Then when you posted back in January of your son’s amazing progress to
‘shout from the rooftops’, I went to the Irlen site that very day to inquire
about how to get our daughter tested.

Since then, two of our children have been tested, and the diagnostician
advised that both my husband and I attend because the vision disorder is
genetic.  She wanted us to have the opportunity to see what our daughter
might be struggling with.  Of course, I was certain that, if our sweeties
had the disorder, it would come through my husband’s line, but this turned
out not to be the case!  Both children and this mama tested positive for the
disorder, and Dad passed everything with flying colors.  The tester told me
to test our other children myself based on what I saw her do. She (and I)
suspect that others are affected as well.

To fill in those who might not know about Helen Irlen’s findings, she
discovered that some people are unable to filter certain wavelengths on the
light spectrum, and as the eyes try to make sense of these ‘insensible’
inputs, the eyes suffer fatigue and behave dysfunctionally.  The resulting
symptoms are widely varied from headaches, to significant reading
difficulties, to overall tiredness, to lack of depth perception, to
magnification of other disorders such as ADD and auditory processing
problems, and on and on.  You can read more and find a preliminary checklist


The remedy for this disorder is so simple that it’s hard to believe.
Basically, the offending wavelengths are filtered out with an appropriate
color (different for each person), either in the form of a colored
transparency for reading, colored paper for writing, or colored lenses in
glasses for a ‘whole world’ correction.  Just in the two weeks since we’ve
been tested, both my son (who has compensated well and is an excellent
reader but an incredibly slow writer) and my daughter have made strides in
their schoolwork.  Both write much more quickly and neatly on their
appropriately colored papers, and my daughter reads much better with her
colored overlays.

Through a generous gift by my father, my daughter and I recently went
through the more detailed testing for glasses.  My daughter raves about how
much more comfortable her eyes are with the lenses on.  I can’t see through
her eyes to know the level of changes for her, but I want to shout from my
own rooftop about the changes I experienced.  WHOOHOO!!!  I have never had
much depth perception and just figured that was me, and it was no big deal.
I have learned to compensate using weird techniques (only weird to others,
not to me since it’s all I’ve ever known) and have gotten along just fine,
aside from being horrible at catching a ball.  It was tricky to find the
right combination of lenses, but once we had them, a whole new world opened
up to me!  Not only did pages become easier to read because I no longer lost
my place on the flickering page(something that I never had any idea was
happening), but I got to see the the depth God’s creation (and
of man’s) for the first time!  I almost broke down in tears when the tester
took me outdoors and told me to look at the clouds.  How glorious they
are–all fluffy and not too bright to study!  Now I KNEW that clouds were
fluffy before…we learned that in school and I could sort of make out the
fluffs from the gray outlines.  But I had never actually *seen* such fluff!
Truly amazing.

I’m sharing this testimony in thanks to Jane and also in hopes that the
right MOMYS would see it.  May God direct your paths.  Again, I got into
this for my daughter (who was reading at least three years behind grade
level), but I cannot believe the changes in my own life from this relatively
simple treatment.  I never suspected that I had any reading or vision
difficulties, except for needing corrective lenses to see clearly (normal
glasses).  Like Jane’s son, I just thought everyone saw the world like I

BTW, as a result of the overlays and/or lenses, my daughter is able to read
THREE grades levels higher than she was before…instantly.  Wow!

We are fairly new to this whole thing, but please feel free to write if you
have any questions.  I’ll do my best to help.

Praising God for His gorgeous clouds,
Debbie in FL
mom of 8

And her reply to my thank you & request:

Good to hear from you!  Wish I could give you a big hug for the help you’ve
been to us!  Sure, share the note I wrote with anyone you like.

Our tester stressed that we should spread news of this disorder through the
family.  I just talked to my brother tonight about this.  He had significant
reading difficulties throughout school, though was helped somewhat by
training he received in middle school.  This was basically geared at
teaching him coping techniques, such as telling him that he must read the
test directions three full times before beginning.  As we were talking, I
described what I see on the white page when I read, and he finished my
sentence!  He said that the letters shimmer, which I think is better than
the word I used, flickering.  It floors me to think that we both see the
same things and always thought it was normal!  I feel blessed that I learned
to compensate to the point that this didn’t really affect the progress of my
education, but I feel bad for him that it affected him more.  I’m very
hopeful that he can get help as well and so grateful that his children can
have the privilege of testing and correction, if necessary, before it
affects their learning.  Really exciting!

Thank you again!


Irlen filters helped 19-year old diagnosed with agoraphobia & high anxiety

Interesting case study of a 19 year old diagnosed with Agoraphobia and high

Joseph is 19 years of age. Joseph’s sister was tested and placed in Irlen
Spectral Filters a few years ago. He saw that his sister went from feeling
so sick
that she couldn’t participate or enjoy life to being active, happy, and
experiencing life. He finally asked to come to the Irlen Institute. He
went to school up until the 5th grade. In 5th grade, Joseph would just get
and leave school. It was impossible to get him to stay in school. When he
was in school, he would have headaches, feel very anxious, and become
He would get so mad and out of control that he would throw things around in
the classroom. He couldn’t control his outbursts. As he got older, Joseph
controlled his anxiety by retreating to his room which is like a cave and
totally dark. He had friends, but they would have to come over to his house
and his room. He would not leave his room. He would not go to school. If
made to go to school, he would run away and leave the school grounds.
Finally in 5th grade, his parents decided to homeschool him and he has never
returned to school. His reading skills are probably at 6th grade level. He
tries to read but reports that he doesn’t remember what he reads, cannot
concentrate, and loses interest. He avoids reading because if he reads too
long, he gets a headache and feels anxious. If he leaves his room, he feels
anxious, nervous, and gets a horrible headache.

His parents have gone to great lengths to help him. They have taken him to
a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and he was seen by the social workers from
school. He was prescribed a lot of medication including Paxil and Lithium
which made him sleepy and gain weight. Joseph didn’t like how he felt on
medication, and he stopped taking medication without telling his parents.
had biofeedback for a year. Nothing made a difference.

Presently, he is homebound and refuses to leave the house. He stays in his
room which is like a cave. Outside of his room, he feels anxious, nervous,
gets a headache, and worries that something bad is going to happen. He was
just diagnosed as having Agoraphobia with high anxiety.

Joseph was seen after he had been wearing his Irlen Spectral Filters for a
few months. The change has been dramatic. He is no longer homebound.
He is able to do things that he wouldn’t do before: goes outside and
goes places with his friends, goes on trips, etc. He can be spontaneous and
not have to plan for days ahead just to leave the house. He is more social.
He is no longer anxious, nervous, or getting headaches. He can easily
transition from his room to other settings. He is no longer sleeping all
the time. There has been a dramatic change in his attitude. He is
sociable, talkative, and easily converses with people. He is cooperative
and friendly.

A self test for migraine sufferers to see whether Irlen Syndrome may be involved

Go to self-test #2 (Please scroll down!) at contributed by David Accola. David’s website has concise information and includes excellent video testimonials. If you are dealing with migraines be sure to see the video about the success of  9-year old girl named Kelsey who used to have a migraine every day, and now she does not.

I have suggested other Irlen sites, but now there is a most wonderful video by an adolescent.

My highest praise goes to the following site presenting a video by David Accola. Go to It is a teen’s summary:  What Irlen is and where to find help.