Know the Essential Packing Supplies You Need

Whenever you are moving to a new place, getting there is often only half of the battle you have to face. The largest to do on moving is actually packing all of your personal belongings. Below are the items you need to make the process of packing smooth and easy:

  • Boxes – These may be bought from a moving company or a store that offers packing supplies. You may also get these from a grocery store. See to it that the boxes are dry, clean, and have lids if possible. The wardrobe boxes are a great way to move all your hanging garments. Measure the length of your hanging clothes to know the quantity you will need. For dining room and kitchen, use the boxes with some pre-assembled partitions to protect your glassware. You may buy the boxes that are specifically made to accommodate big items such as lamps, mattresses, artwork, mirrors, and glass tabletops. For your books, you may pick small boxes.
  • Stretch Wrap – For you to secure the drawers or doors of your cabinets and bureaus, you may use stretch wrap. This sticks to itself and won’t leave any residue behind.
  • Box Cutter – This packing supply tool will help you open boxes easily.
  • Labels – This will help you determine the boxes.
  • Packing Paper – Blank newsprint or white tissue paper can be used as packing paper. However, you should avoid using newspaper sometimes because they leave ink stains on your things. Keep on hand to wrap fragile items or stuff boxes before you pack them.
  • Tape – Strapping tape, standard packing tape, which is basically lined with the nylon fibers that make it not possible to cut or tear without scissors. Clear mailing tape is best for affixing labels and would protect them from water.
  • Scissors – These are useful for cutting tape and bubble wrap.
  • Bubble Wrap – These are ideal for padding the box’s bottom part and wrap the breakable items. It is much economical to purchase it in big rolls and cut the sheets as you require them.
  • Big Trash Bags – To gather up your things when you’re done, you will need trash bags. So, make sure to have some during your move.

There are other things you might need for packing your belongings. If you don’t want to worry about getting those packing supplies on your own, you might want to consider hiring a professional mover or packer to do the job for you. With the help of packing experts, you don’t have to think about getting any of those things listed above because they have everything you need. The only thing you should do is to let them know about the items that you want them to pack for you. Remember that there are items that would require your suggestions when packing, especially if you are moving a delicate item to your new home. So, always be cooperative with your hired packers to avoid any issues in the long run and to ensure that all your things are packed properly.

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