Colored Filter Overlays and Tinted Filter Lenses


There are 10 acetate filter overlay colors. Never seek lenses tinted the same color as your favorite overlay. They are never the same tint. Note: You will never see the tint color as you look through tinted lenses. Wearing tinted lenses or contacts … [Continue reading]

Relevant things I remember from before I was diagnosed

I had great difficulty catching a ball or shooting a basketball. I remember the day Russell Uhl pitched a baseball to me when I was a boy and it struck me between the eyes and knocked me to the ground.It is possible that this caused an inability for … [Continue reading]

An Irlen information site hosted by someone with Irlen Syndrome

I created this website to express my personal success with Irlen tinted lenses to those looking for help. I have concluded that there is a need for Irlen clients to be able to share their positive experience with Irlen tinted eyeglass lenses and … [Continue reading]

Dyslexia, Migraine Headaches and Scotopic Sensitivity

Are you curious about Irlen Syndrome, scotopic sensitivity, dyslexia, autism, Asperger's or migraine headaches? I am here to offer positive feedback regarding my personal success utilizing Irlen tinted filter lenses for the dyslexia I never realized … [Continue reading]