Here is a video of sidewalk art showing perspective. Until wearing Irlen filters I had never seen with perspective but could see it in pictures

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Irlen success with a 4th grader thought to have ADD

Letter to a boy's diagnostician from his mother: Susan, I have sooo much to share, I have to share with you what a great success your Diagnosis and subsequest Irlen lenses have made in Sean's life. Sean is in the 4th grade, and every teacher … [Continue reading]

Why tinted lenses from optometrists cannot equal Irlen Spectral Filters

Clients sometimes go to optometrists to get a tint which they think is helpful; but, as this email expresses so well, Irlen Spectral Filters are so much better. I really like this letter and will use it when explaining why it is worthwhile to get … [Continue reading]

Link to preliminary PDF of “Reading Through Colour”

Go to to read the pre-publication PDF of Arnold Wilkins book "Reading Through Colour: How Coloured Filters Can Reduce Reading Difficulty, Eye Strain, and Headaches." Dr. Wilkins gives interesting … [Continue reading]

Testimony from a mother about her family’s success with Irlen Filters

To: Helen Irlen Subject: Good News! Helen, I hope I have the correct address here to share this great news with you! This is Jane Purdy, my son David was prescribed turquiose filters last December.  I shared our joy at this discovery of your … [Continue reading]

Irlen filters helped 19-year old diagnosed with agoraphobia & high anxiety

Interesting case study of a 19 year old diagnosed with Agoraphobia and high anxiety: Joseph is 19 years of age. Joseph's sister was tested and placed in Irlen Spectral Filters a few years ago. He saw that his sister went from feeling so … [Continue reading]

Refer to this extensive bibliography of research regarding Irlen Syndrome

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A self test for migraine sufferers to see whether Irlen Syndrome may be involved

Go to self-test #2 (Please scroll down!) at contributed by David Accola. David's website has concise information and includes excellent video testimonials. If you are dealing with migraines be sure to see the video about the … [Continue reading]

I have suggested other Irlen sites, but now there is a most wonderful video by an adolescent.

My highest praise goes to the following site presenting a video by David Accola. Go to It is a teen's summary:  What Irlen is and where to find help. … [Continue reading]

Video of interest to high-functioning autistic individuals

Please view this video posted on Youtube by autistic author, Donna Williams, author of "Like Colour to the Blind" which tells how specially tinted lenses changed her visual perception. Click on this link. … [Continue reading]